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When you are all set to get the body of a Greek God, you cannot leave abs untrained for sure. Your desire to have a dashboard belly takes you to gyms for doing number of workouts that are focused on achievement of better abs too. Therefore, let’s take a look at those workouts that exhaust you to the fullest and are effective at the same time. Abs building takes a lot of effort in terms of workouts, and the choice of food also plays a major role in shaping up the abs to perfection.

Exercises that Exhaust You Fully and Provide Strength

  • Crunches: This exercise is justly aimed at the abdominal muscles. Abdominal fat poses the biggest challenge on the way of attaining slim figure, and crunches help you get rid of this fat and strengthen belly muscles too. This exercise looks very simple, but the effect is realized in the matter of few repetitions only. You need to lie down on the back. Fold your knees and put your hands firmly at the back of the head. Now start moving your upper body towards the knees and then bring it back again to the floor. This exercise can surely leave you exhausted, and you can actually sense some strength at the abdominal area after a number of reps.
  • Plank crunch: When you have gained enough strength and the body is accustomed to working out, you obviously want to get more out of the workout session or if put in better way, you want to increase the difficulty level. This can now be achieved with plank crunch. Plank position is achieved by lying on the ground on forearms and keeping the body straight. Now start bringing in the right knee towards the right elbow and then go back to the original plank posture. Repeat the same with the left side. Try doing 10 sets of this, and you will find your energy consumed to the fullest possible.
  • Bicycle crunch: Lie on your back with hands behind the head and legs raised and curved at 90 degrees. Move in the left elbow and the right knee bringing both of them closer and repeat alternately on the other side too. It will surely help you build beautiful abs and also give you the feeling of ultimate exhaustion. You get three key areas of your abdomen worked out with this single exercise.

Important Rule to Follow for Crunching

bicycle crunchCrunching is effective when the quality is maintained while performing the exercise. If you do not perform it in the right way, it will leave you with no visible change to boast of. The best part of crunching is that you need not carry any equipment with you. It can be performed anywhere, and the best time to do it is after warm-up when the body has become a bit flexible. Losing abdominal fat is very important for achieving goals, and you can surely do the same by including some super exciting exercises in your regime. Always take the best care of your time and employ each second of your workout time in attacking the body fat effectively.

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